폴그린테크는 철구조물 전문 제조기업으로서 전문건설업 면허도 보유하여 통신/전기 공사 및 이동통신망구축, 태양광 발전시스템 보급 사업을 수행하고 있습니다.


PolereenTech is manufacturing/delivery structures for the construction of mobile communication infrastructure.
As LGU+'s Sole Vendor, we also supply environmentally friendly shielding products for base station equipment and antennas that take into account aesthetics.

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Reusable Energy

PolegreenTech is a company specializing in renewable energy from the Korea Energy Management Corporation.
It provides licensing-design-construction services for solar power generation facilities and fuel cell systems.

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PolegreenTech has 30 years of know-how in producing steel structures.
We have built a production line with a design team composed of experts, and have experience in supplying various types of steel towers, steel pipes, and solar structures.

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PolegreenTech has a number of communication/electric/mechanical equipment performance with various construction experiences.
The main areas are the premises communication work, steel tower/steel pipe installation work, pipeline work, solar installation work, CCTV system construction, and fuel cell installation work.

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